It is hard to overestimate the effectiveness of China based project manager in your team. Most of the factories are hiring “project managers” in 99% cases based on their English skills, they are interpreters with a very little knowledge of import&export and manufacturing processes, at least at the beginning, and guess who is going to manage your orders? – It is buyer’s job.

A proper Project Manager, Representative in China will not only personally check the quality of the products offered by the manufacturer, but also assess the risks associated with possible cooperation with new suppliers, thereby avoiding losses as well as getting reliable suppliers for your business plus knowledge of the local mentality, that in cooperation with companies from China can have significant importance.

We are ready to conduct the full range of required actions to establish or support business processes in the territory of China, ensuring the highest level of performance, its efficiency, and complete security for your business at minimal costs.


A permanent representative in China is not only an image factor for your international company; it is all about saving you time and money and solving issues and difficulties with your partners in China.

Being in a partnership with local law firms, understanding the specifics of conducting business processes in this country, and extensive acquaintance with business partners in various industries, allows us to minimize for our clients all these risks that are often could be faced by international buyers.

The specialists of our company are fluent in Chinese and English, which eliminates the slightest difficulties in conducting business negotiations and concluding agreements. We know our work, and we will be glad to give our best support to your existing and upcoming business projects in China and contribute to their development. 

Services we are offering are not only limited to management of your company current projects in China, but can be scaled to full-time China representative for your team, obtaining wider range of the services such as:

• Sourcing of goods and suppliers;

• Suppliers assesment;

• Communication with suppliers on behalf of your company complying corporate rules and style;

• Cost cutting and price negotiations;

• Daily liaison with Chinese managers on current orders;

• Control over the lead-time of manufacturing and quality of the products;

• Consolidation and sending of product samples;

• Organization of document circulation, its maintenance and coordination with Chinese partners;

• Local and international logistics management;


The cost of our services is lower than the average salary of a skilled employee. You will have a team of specialists and a personal manager, assigned to your company and projects.


Want to find a representative that will help with current business processes and upcoming projects in China? Our specialists will prepare an individual package of services for you that takes into account all aspects of your activities and will help to establish close and mutually beneficial contact with Chinese suppliers and manufacturers.

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