China, today, is confidently holding the leading position in the

field of equipment export to many countries of the world. And

this is not surprising because the equipment from China

optimally combines a number of factors that make it competitive

on the world market. But, despite all the attractiveness of

Chinese equipment, sometimes it might be difficult to choose

and purchase it yourself. There are a number of factors that can

impede successful purchasing of equipment. First of all, we are

talking about possible difficulties during export operations and

the lack of quality control of the equipment prior to its dispatch.

The solution to the problem is to find specialists who can help with sourcing specific equipment, its verification, and export. We will select equipment based on your needs and budget, organize prompt assistance in purchasing, communication, and export. With our help, cooperation with partners from China will be not only profitable for you, but also safe. 



We are ready to offer equipment from China, which you can buy directly from the manufacturer without intermediaries for its subsequent use in such industries as:

• Chemical industry;

• Food industry;

• Processing industry;

• Construction machinery and equipment;

• Entertainment industry and equipment;

• Medical industry;

• Advertising industry;

• Various production lines;


This is not a complete list of those fields of the industries, machines, and production lines for which our specialists will help you to find and purchase your equipment. We will help you to source any equipment from China for production, while comprehensively considering all your wishes and suggestions.




We have developed a simple but effective algorithm of cooperation, which includes a number of successive stages. These include:


• Sourcing and selection of the manufacturer;

• Familiarization with the equipment range;

• Verification of equipment and documentation in close contact with your company technical specialists;

• Preparation of the contract and discussion of the details in close contact with your company legal department;

• Organization of delivery according to the terms stipulated in the agreement;

• Helping to obtain customs clearance;

• Assistance with the organization of inviting Chinese experts from the manufacturer's factory for the installation and the training of your personnel on the operation of the equipment;


Great practical experience and close cooperation with partners from China allow us to minimize possible risks when concluding a deal. Delivery of products will be carried out in the shortest time and in a way that is most beneficial and optimal for you. 


 Do you need equipment from China to manufacture and organize your business? Our company specialists will conduct the full range of required activities and will offer the best solution for your business.

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