The experience of cooperation between manufacturers of goods from China very clearly shows that it is extremely difficult to avoid problems in the quality of goods. Problems can arise not only with the quality of products, but also with the discrepancy in weights and dimensions compared to those that were originally declared in the documents.

The solution to the problem is ensuring high quality control in China, which you can entrust to the specialists of our company. We guarantee the prompt quality control of product and the timely provision of all required reporting. This will allow you to avoid unnecessary expense, resulting in the production of the required quality according to the declared documentation. 



The quality of products is directly dependent on the periodicity of control and the emphasis of the manufacturer's attention on existing problems. Normally QC in China is conducted in two stages – the first during the production process, the second - before the loading of the product into containers prior to shipment. 



Each quality control takes place in an individual format, requiring the coordination of all the details with the customer. Our specialists carry out their activities throughout the territory of China. Timely quality control provides the solution to the following problems:

  • Issues with the quantity of the goods sent. This happens when a factory sends either more or less than what was stipulated in the contract, and in either case, the customer may have problems at customs. Conducting proper quality control eliminates such a nuisance, we also carry out a check of the dimensions of the transport package, checking the conformity of the Net and Gross weights, if necessary, we determine the physicochemical characteristics of the raw material composition with the assistance of independent experts, etc.;

  • The second possible issue is when the goods are not meeting required parameters - there are many examples of such discrepancies. We can perform an individual approach to each control procedure - all QC parameters will be first agreed with the customer. Creation of an individual instruction with the list of parameters and characteristics that should be taken into account while checking the quality of products by prior agreement with the customer's specialists;

  • Exporting goods of inappropriate quality - this problem is highly relevant, both in cooperation with new manufacturers and with companies that you've been working with for many years. Timely quality control within the framework of the agreed sampling allows for identification of possible quality problems. As a result, the customer receives goods of the required quality and suffers no more complaints from the consumers. We provide customers with the reports of the presence or absence of defects in the shipment within the agreed sampling before loading goods into the container.


By choosing Winton to quality control the products, you are guaranteed to receive such benefits as:

  • Efficiency of execution - all work is carried out in the shortest possible time, reports are normally ready on the next day after inspection;

  • Professionalism - the level of training of our employees allows us to perform the highest quality of work in any situation;

  • Individuality of approach - with each customer, we build a scheme of cooperation, corresponding to all wishes and requirements;

  • Availability - the cost of services corresponds to market prices as well as the system of discounts and additional bonuses;

Do you need reliable quality control in China? Our specialists can carry out the full range of required actions to minimize possible risks relating to the quality of the products exported from China.

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