Business with China is a direction that is becoming increasingly more and more relevant today. And this is not surprising because such cooperation is characterized by high profitability, and it opens up a wide range of opportunities for businessmen from all over the world, both for imports and for exports with China.

We are a team of specialists and the main direction of our company is the provision of services for working with Chinese manufacturers. Our offices are located in Shanghai and Moscow. We have been working with Chinese manufacturers since 2009, and during this time, we have provided our customers with the highest quality of services while ensuring that all needs and personal wishes are fully taken into account.

We will provide the required assistance as well as selecting reliable and proven partners in the PRC to cooperate with. Choosing us, you can be sure of the reliability of cooperation. We care about every client, and our own reputation is more important for us than the momentary profit.

We work with companies from CIS, SEA regions, Europe and USA. Without dwelling on what has been achieved, we are actively working to expand the range oof services for our clients. Our main task is to make business in China as profitable and as safe as possible for you.

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